About Me

Hi! I’m Danni, Welcome to my first blog 🙂

roll after

I am a newbie to the world of blogging, but am so far thoroughly enjoying it!

Here is a little snippet about who i am and what i do…

I’m 25 and i live in Essex, UK (hold the jokes please!). Life definitely has not been easy, i suffer from Polysystic Ovarian syndrome, which means weight and confidence is always a problem, and i also have Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder (which i take daily medication for), so sometimes i have no control over who i am. But this year more than ever i feel like things are starting to move in the right direction.

I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist/Aesthetician, and have been working in the beauty and Non-surgical body treatment industry for around 8 years. This work has ranged from everything to high street salons, medical clinics and 5* cruise liners. Although i love my job, i have always felt like it was never really a career, it’s more of a passion. I love making people (and myself!) feel beautiful, but it’s not something i think we as a society should charge a ridiculous amount of money for. Everyone should be allowed to feel beautiful regardless of their financial status.

So i did some soul searching, and remembered what i enjoyed most in my teenage years before i finished college. I was very good at the Anatomy and Physiology subjects, and also worked part time in a nursery which i loved. This made me think maybe nursing was something to follow up on. I didn’t have the necessary qualifications to enter a UK university, so i did some research and found the Distance Learning Centre, who allowed me to study at home while working and gain an Access to Higher education diploma in Nursing. It was HARD. I worked full time, 40-50 hours per week, while studying, and finding the time and motivation was very tough, but i managed it, and in November of 2014 i recieved my qualifaction. Just 2 months later, in January 2015, after attending University Interviews, i was awarded a place at London SouthBank University, starting in September this year. After a long and hard journey, i am so excited to start on this new adventure!

I love to travel (which is handy when your boyfirend works on cruise ships!) and i love anything crafty. I can often be found in a room in my house, paint brush in hand, flicking paint up the walls because i got what i like to call ‘one of my urges’.

I created this blog as a way to share the rest of this journey with others. So here it is, all of my passions thrown together in one little place for your viewing pleasure. I really hope you enjoy reading this as much as i do writing it.

Danni x


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