Make up brush cleaning

I literally never stop. If i am not at work, i am baking, or painting, or building, or playing with my make up. But one thing i ALWAYS make time for is cleaning my make up brushes.

I religiously do this once a week. I sit down with my kitchen roll, brush cleaner and my brush roll and clean them all.

There’s more than one reason to do this. Firstly, if your brushes are clogged with old make up, they won’t apply fresh make up well. They will also carry bacteria, giving you spots, and in some cases severe skin disorders! Also, if you’re anything like me, your brushes are the most expensive thing in your kit, and looking after them is a must to make them last longer.

My favorite brush cleaner is super cheap (only £4.99), and super easy to get hold of. The B. Range from Superdrug is amazing, and their brush cleaner is perfect.


It’s so easy. Spray a few small pumps onto the brush and rub onto strong tissue in circular motions. Repeat until clean, then let dry.


About once a month i will give them a proper wash, using baby shampoo, and let them dry overnight. Always make sure you don’t let any moisture go to the back of the bristles or into the ferrule of the brush, as this will damage the glue and lead to loss of bristles.

Do you clean your brushes? If so, what do you use?

Happy Brush Cleaning 🙂

Danni x


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