My top 5 Make up, Hair and Skin care staples

We all have them, products that no matter what we absolutely have to have in our beauty collection. After working in the beauty industry for 8 years, i have picked up a lot of favorites, things that i simply cannot be without, and will continue to re-purchase again and again. So today i thought i’d share my top 5 from make up, hair care and skin care, hopefully you will love them as much as i do!

Make up


1. Real Techniques Brushes – I literally could not apply my make-up without these babies. I love the older collection, particularly the blush brush, but the new bold metals collection is gorgeous and i’m really looking forward to adding more to my kit.

2. Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation – My go to foundation for everything. It smells great, isn’t too cakey or heavy on my skin, applies beautifully, and provides my skin with some nourishment – what more could a girl want!

3. My Naked3 Palette – Eye make up is a chore for me. I love doing my brows, and applying my base and lipstick, but with my eyes i always feel like it takes sooo much effort. This palette makes it easy by putting a bunch of colors all together that have great pigment and blend well. Simples!

4. My Mac 217 brush – I don’t own a lot of Mac, purely because i think they are too pricey, and i am a student. But this brush has to be in my kit, no matter what. Again it boils down to my laziness with my eyes, this blends for me with minimal effort.

5. Gosh Long lasting brow pen – This is the newest thing on this list, but i love it. I hate my brows, they are super dark (like black) which means every little tweezer mistake is visible, and they grow odd no matter what i do. This literally lasts all day, and is so easy even a beginner could manage the perfect brow!



1. My GHD’s – Being the unfortunate owner of a head full of very thick, very frizzy hair, sometimes heat is necessary part of my routine, although i do try to limit it as my hair is already damaged due to bleach. I haven’t yet found a straightener that does the job as well as these.

2. VO5 Smoothly does it Shampoo and Conditioner – Serious frizz control, nothing beats this in my opinion.

3. VO5 Smoothly does it serum and heat protection spray – The serum is great for smoothing frizz and flyaways (i have a lot!) and you must ALWAYS protect your hair from heat. I repeat – ALWAYS!

4. Paddle brush – My hair is so thick, i have it thinned out every 6 weeks as it gets heavy and gives me a headache. This brush is big enough to not make brushing it a chore.

5. Sleep In rollers – Hair is another thing i am lazy about, so these are perfect for me. Throw them in before bed and i don’t have to do a thing with it in the morning. And with my hair being so heavy, it often needs a volume boost around the roots.

Skin care


1. Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean cleanser – Because i tend to wear quite a lot of make up, removing it when i get home is a must. This smells great and leaves my skin feeling clean. Note – this isn’t suitable for those with sensitive skin!

2. Superdrug Vitamin E face moisturizer – I have seriously dry skin, so dry that when i apply moisturizer you can almost hear the slurping sound as it sucks it in! I like this because it’s not too heavy or oily, so when i apply in the morning my make up doesn’t slide off! I apply before bed too!

3. Clean and Clear exfoliating daily face wash – One of the problems i have with my dry skin is flaking, which then leads to spots 😦 so this is a great way to gently remove that without damaging my skin. I use every morning.

4. Vaseline spray and go moisturizer in Cocoa butter – My dry skin doesn’t just stop at my face! This is quick, fast absorbing and smells good.

5. Quick fix Facials intense moisture mask – This is another product that induces a slurping sound from my face, i use this when my skin needs a pick me up and it always feels soft and smooth afterwards!

Well, there you have all my top 5’s! I hope you enjoyed that. Let me know if you have any you’d like to share.

Danni x


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