The unwritten rules of the tube (that everyone should follow)

I am one of those many unfortunate people who have to commute every single day. I live outside London, but the area i live in is classed as a ‘London Borough’ which means everything is what i call ‘London prices’. If i have any hope of surviving financially, i have no choice but to do the 1.5-2 hour journey into the city everyday.

I actually don’t mind it, i can sleep, read, watch the world go by out of the window, or reflect on my day on the journey home. However, the thing that really gets me is RUDE people! You all know who i mean, there’s always one who makes your journey feel like a battleground.

It got me to thinking, there should be RULES. Like properly enforced ones. Unfortunately, we no longer live in a world where morals and respect are high priorities for most people, so for things to work effectively, rules have to be put in place.

So here are a few i think would be really useful!

1. Don’t sit on the outside seat. If there is an empty seat next to the window, take it. Don’t sit on the outside, then huff and puff and moan when the next person needs to climb OVER you to sit down.

2. Don’t put your bags on the seat, or your feet for that matter.

3. Don’t barge your way on to a packed tube. Yes we all want to get to work quickly, but for all you know there could be a small child/elderly person/pregnant woman in the middle of that crowd. The tubes are 2-3 minutes apart, just wait for the next one.

4. While we’re on the subject of pregnant/elderly/children, don’t hide behind your paper/phone/tablet when you see them. They need it more than you, give up your seat.

5. Also, if a woman LOOKS pregnant, she probably is. You don’t have to embarrass her, just ask if she would like a seat, if she’s pregnant, she will thank you, if not, she’ll just think you’re an extremely nice person 🙂

6. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. There are thousands of people on the underground, that equals billions of germs. None of us want them, so please keep them to yourself.

7. Don’t let your children run up and down the carriage screaming. I once had to stop a toddler from climbing out of the doors between carriages because his mother was too busy on her phone to notice, and then she gave me a filthy look for stopping her child. You had them, you look after them.

8. And while on the subject of children, don’t be so grumpy. Yes we are all tired and would rather still be in bed, but if a small child smiles at you, smile back. If you don’t, you destroy their view of how beautiful the world is, and i’m sure you wish you still saw it that way.

9. Don’t be afraid to make some conversation. There seems to be a fear of putting down the electronics and actually talking to one another. You might make a friend, meet a lover or learn something new, take a risk and say hi, or comment on someone’s outfit or handbag. It’s nice to be complimented, you could make their day.

10. Don’t judge. While we would all like this to be a perfect world, we all know it’s not. That guy who you shouted at for bumping into you may have just buried a loved one, or lost his job, or his home. We are all entitled to bad days, just remember that by offering a smile rather than a scream or a shout, you could turn someone’s bad day into a good one!

I really hope you enjoyed these, i really enjoyed writing them. If you have any others i haven’t thought of please do let me know, i’d love to hear what you think!

Danni x


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